Tax Justice Coalition - Ghana

We the members of the Tax Justice Coalition, having the succinct recognition of tax injustices in Ghana and the world at large, believe that the citizens (tax payers) and the government with its allied institutions who hold a fiduciary role in the management of tax revenues, ought to execute their respective roles in a just, coherent and honest manner, thus promoting transparency, integrity and accountability in the tax system particularly in Ghana.

To this end, the Ghana Tax Justice Coalition seeks to work at the local and national level to complement regional and continental efforts to deliver tax justice.

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Public forum on tax compliance and responsibility held at Takoradi.

Evaluation on tax usage and inadequate education on taxation has been the major cause of tax evasion across the country.

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Public forum on tax compliance and responsibility held in Kumasi

Government has been urged to put in measures to ensure that the tax system is equitable and just enough to serve

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Public forum on tax compliance and responsibility held in Tamale

The forum, which was on the theme: “Addressing policy challenges and regulatory loopholes to improve tax compliance in Ghana,”

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Membership is open to organisations and individuals who are working directly to achieve the Coalition’s goals. Organisations who wish to support the Tax Justice Coalition are also invited to become supporting-partners. Supporting-partners do not have voting rights.

Terms of Membership

An organisation and or individual shall be eligible to apply for membership of the Tax Coalition if one or more of the following applies:

  • The organisation/person is interested in and/or actively involved in promoting tax justice
  • The organisation/person has similar objectives and support the objectives of the Coalition.
  • Globally revolutionize global sources through
November 5, 2019
Modern City Hotel, Tamale - Ghana.
November 7, 2019
Ceeta Kel Hotel, Kumasi
November 12, 2019
Hillcrest Hotel, Takoradi - Ghana.