Public forum on tax compliance and responsibility held at Takoradi.

According to a Fiscal Specialist of Oxfam, Dr. Alex Ampaabeng citizens’ evaluation on tax usage and inadequate education on taxation has been the major cause of tax evasion across the country.

In an exclusive interview with New Day TV and Vision1 FM Team, he emphasize that it is a constitutional requirements for every Ghanaian citizen to pay tax to the government to accelerate the country’s development.

Meanwhile individuals perception and judgment on government’s poor delivery in fulfilling its primary functions and loopholes in tax revenue usage discourage them as citizens to pay tax.

He also cited the complex nature of Ghana’s system and recommended intensive education with adequate clarity to inform Ghanaians on tax payment and its significance to the state.

Highlighting the challenges in Ghana’s revenue mobilization at the public forum on 12th November 2019, the coordinator of Tax Coalition Justice-Ghana, Mr. Leonard S- Quartey suggested that the government should use prudent measures in addressing the challenges that hinder the willingness of individuals to comply with taxation.

He also stressed that the consumption of direct and indirect taxes are loaded on the already identified few businesses under the government regulations.

Mr. Quartey therefore urged Ghana Revenue Authority to widen its tax net to capture other businesses that are on the blind side of the business regulatory agencies.

“Ghana can be set to a position where citizens will feel more responsible to contribute to the national purse”, Tax Justice Coalition believes.

The Tax Justice Coalition coordinator advised Ghanaian citizens to embrace tax compliance to facilitate government’s social services.

Moreover the organized public forum by Tax Justice Coalition-Ghana held in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis of the western region emphasize on Tax Compliance and responsibility on addressing policy challenges and regulatory loopholes to improve tax compliance in Ghana.


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